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Thu Jul 10, 2014 9:57 am

Two things:
1. A handful of For Sale listings on here have several posts from other users with questions about availability of parts and prices that are going unanswered. Everyone who wants a part naturally wants the part immediately, and presumably people who are selling parts want money immediately.

Please keep an eye on your For Sale postings and answer questions as fast as you can. I'm aware that a lot of these transactions quickly move to PMs, which may be the reason for no apparent replies. If this is the case, please throw a simple post up stating that negotiations on a particular part or with a questioning user have been moved to PMs for the sake of other interested parties.

2. Please post clearly what is for sale with pictures, or be prepared to provide pictures to those requesting them.

On part-outs, this is difficult and it's not necessary to name every component on the bike. However, if you have specific ideas about how much you'd like to get for a component, list that clearly. Otherwise, list which parts are no longer available. Maintain a running list that is clearly visible in the OP of what parts you no longer have. In other words, take a look at the guidelines for posting in the classifieds section.

Thank you. The XJR Team.
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